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Rick's Review of Iron Man!

What's the movie? Iron Man (2008)

Wait, that movie came out two years ago.  Why review it now?: I reviewed it for Amazing Comicast back when it was first released but, with Iron Man 2 coming out this week, I figured what the hell and decided to revisit this movie.

Who Directed it? Jon Favreau

Who's in it?: Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges, Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Bibb, Faran Tahir, and Shaun Toub

What's it about?: If you have yet to see it, be warned, I will be going into spoilers with this movie.  Tony Stark, heir to the Stark financial weapon making empire is in Afghanistan showing off his newest weapon to the U.S. Military when his humvee gets attacked, all the soldiers assigned to that particular humvee are slaughtered, and Stark is nearly fatally injured by one of his own weapons being used by terrorists.  He wakes up, finding himself changed forever as a car battery is now electrically powering a magnet that is supposed to keep a piece of shrapnel from moving into his heart and killing him.  Stark develops a means to replace the car battery, as well as make himself a suit to ease his escape from the terrorist organization known only as the Ten Rings.

What's good?: Good God.  What isn't good about this movie more appropriately.  This is one of the very best comic to film adaptations out there.  Robert Downey Jr. owns the role of Tony Stark.  He brings a swagger to the character that is ever present in the comics.  He is a jerk, but he is so likeable that you can't help but like him.  Terrence Howard is excellent as Rhodey, Gwynneth Paltrow as Pepper is awesome, Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane is excellent.  I have absolutely nothing to say against the performances.  Everyone was pitch perfect to the comic.  Oh, and that cameo at the end of the credits.  Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury is an inspired bit of casting.  Fury in the Marvel Ultimate Universe is based on Jackson's look and persona.  I am seeing these movies that are considered to be the Marvel Movie Universe as a combination of the best elements of the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate universe as well.  This is not a complaint in the least because it allows for some really neat things to materialize into the movies. 

The suit is incredible as are the effects.  Everything is so well done that you can't tell when the suit is CG and whe the suit is real.  I cannot recommend this movie highly enough.  The floodgates have been flung opened and the groundwork is being laid out for what will be the Avengers movie due out in 2012.

What's not so good?: I honestly can't think of anything other than the amount of hype that went  into the appearance of Jackson as Nick Fury.  It was leaked the day after they shot it.  Seriously, must every spoiler be released well before the movie is out so that absolutely nothing is sacred?

Final Verdict: 5 out of 5.  Easily a more fun movie than that other superhero movie that came out that summer that was about a guy who dresses up like a bat and chases around a clown.  Seriously, who thinks up crap like that?

(Editor's note: Just to make you aware, I LOVED the Dark Knight and that last joke was merely in jest.  Just keep in mind that yes, Dark Knight was excellent, but I heard more cheering and was witness to more geeking out in Iron Man than I did with Dark Knight.  Just saying.)

Okay, Rick, you liked both Iron Man and The Dark Knight. I get that.

But I, El Quixote, am here to hold your geeky feet to the flames! So riddle me this, Fearless Leader: which one did you prefer?

"They're both good in their own ways," right? But no. No!

You. Must. Pick.



I cannot pick. They are both so tonally different and both so excellent that I can't pick one. DAMN YOUSE!

Fine. I am going by the one that I have seen more of the two and that would be Iron Man. It's simply because it's more fun. Dark Knight is excellent and it has some awesome stuff but at the same time, the spectre or Heath Ledger's untimely demise hangs over the film and it really make me not want to watch it as much.

So there.

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