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Continuing My Film Education: Argument, and the First Movie

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a column for the site that will be semi-regular.  Semi-regular because for those who know me, I don't have much time to be sitting around watching movies all the time.  For those who don't, I am a stay at home dad and I am also going for my degree in Psychology and I have about a year to go after I finish my math class that I am currently taking.  That being said, my time is being taken up by watching the kid, and homework.  There are times however, that I do get the opportuity to watch a movie that I haven't seen.  Usually they are genre flicks.  Stuff that I normally would not be able to watch in front of my son  for whatever reason.  They may be completely inappropriate for kids in every way, shape, and form.  Mind you, this s not going to be a daily column, not even weekly.  A new one of these will drop whenever I watch a movie that I have never seen.

When I do get around to watching a movie, if it is in fact something that I have never seen, I will definitely jump on the site and tell you about it.  Some titles will shock you.  Not because of their subject matter, but rather how it was that I went all these years of my life without ever having seen the movie.  Which brings me to my first title to talk about... 


Starring: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Jim Siedow, Bill Moseley and Bill Johnson

What it's about: The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre happened 13 years prior to the events in this movie and nothing had been heard from the family of cannibals that featured Leatherface as their muscle.  Now, the family is back and they are hungry for blood.  It is up to a radio DJ and a deranged sherriff to stop these crazies before more people die by the saw. 

What's good?: The performances are the best of this movie.  It is a definite improvement over the first movie acting wise.  I first must say that Bill Moseley steals the entire movie in every single scene he is in.  He is absolutely insane in the role and at the same time, incredibly funny.  He plays this character named Chop Top and he is one of the family.  I can't even begin to decrible how creepy awesome he is and how funny he is as well.  Dennis Hopper is an absolute hoot in this movie as he knows that he will be getting into a fight with chainsaw wielding maniacs and what better way to fight people who use chainsaws as weapons than chainsaws?  Caroline Williams as Stretch, the radio DJ that assists Hopper is also excellent.  Leatherface is a genuinely sympathetic character and does some things that I never would have expected him to do.  Then he turns and just goes insane and makes Stretch wear the face of some poor bastard that he had skinned making her think that she could wear that as a disguise to escape, but no.  It's way worse than that.  Oh, and this has easily the greatest swordfight with chainsaws used as swords. 

What's not so good?: This movie is a departure from the original in that gore is actually seen on screen.  I am not quite sure that it is a good thing though. See, many people cite the original as scary because of the fact that they thought there was more blood than there actually was.  The original was genius filmmaking in that respect because it implied the violence which made the movie all the scarier.  TCM2 however, is not scary because it de-evloves into retread of the first one.  The lead girl gets captured, she is forced to be an unwilling dinner guest, where she is on the menu, and through the ineptitude of the family, she escapes.  There ends the retread of the first one, somewhat. SPOILER  Then it really gets wierd.  She fights Chop Top, leaves him for dead, and proceeds to do the crazy chainsaw dance that Leatherface did in the original TCM.  Okay, so my guess is that she is so traumatized by the experience that she has now become one of them? I am not certain what to make of the ending.  It was rather odd.  END SPOILER

Final Verdict: I am going to give this movie a 4 out of 5.  If nothing else for Bill Moseley as Chop Top and the performances in general.      

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