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While being married to the man that one can truly say is the world's most devoted and enthusiastic fan of Shelley Winters is the only reason I have the privilege of saying a few words on this, the launch of what will certainly be a world-rebound website, I cannot find words to add to the contributions thus far that would hope to do justice to the occasion.

I must say, however, that walking life's path for so many years sharing a journey with an ardent fan who will go to the greatest lengths to pursue the acquisition of Shelley Winters rarities at the slightest rumor of their location and availability has given me the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of this fine country and even visit other countries around the world where the appreciation and adoration of Shelley Winters is renowned. And if there are times between radio interviews, charity work, and the copious submission of articles where I feel my nights are getting lonely, I do know this...I can just step into the kitchen, whip up a batch of deviled eggs, don a Shelley Winters wig, and sing "Bill of Sale" for an evening as romantic as when we first laid eyes upon one another.

All the best,

Mrs. ShelleyWintersCole

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