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Waking Sleeping Beauty: Details from the Q & A

Rick here. As I said in the last article, I had the opportunity to attend a Q & A session hosted by director Don Hahn, and producer Peter Schneider.  These two guys had the inside track on the story of everything that occured during the events of the film because they were there.  Here are some of the details that I was able to glean from the Q & A session.

Both Jeffrey Katzenberg and Michael Eisner were both very supportive of the documentary.  Their participation in the documentary as well as that of Roy E. Disney was very important as they were all major players in the events depicted in the documentary.  The film features Roy's final interview before his passing in December 2009.   

The movie is entirely archival footage with narration in order to transport you back to that era and to avoid what could essentially become a "talking heads" film.   

Don Hahn stated that he thought it fantastic that many of the people from the Cal Arts Class of 1975  who went on to make careers for themselves have essentially come home to roost and are now working with Disney to some capacity again.  Luminaries like Tim Burton, John Lasseter, Brad Bird, and John Musker come to mind.  Burton with his recent project of "Alice in Wonderland" and his upcoming projects "Maleficent" and the stop motion feature length film of  "Frankenweenie," Lasseter with all the work he is doing with the animation division, the theme parks and of course, Pixar, Bird with his fantastic superhero movie he did for Pixar, "The Incredibles, and Musker as the co-directing team on The Princess and the Frog.

According to Hahn, an alternate "Animal House" style ending was originally planned telling where everyone went off to but it came off as too sad, so a more upbeat ending was used instead. 

The film was dedicated to Roy E. Disney and three others.  Joe Ranft, Howard Ashman, and Frank G. Wells. All men who, without their efforts, this emergence of fantastic animation would possibly have never happened. 

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