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USG...A change of plan...

As we found ourselves moving closer to the launch of United States of Geekdom a number of production planning meetings had been in the works. There has been a lot of ground to cover as we worked out the new direction for this podcast. What would be our first topic? What directions did we want to go as time went on? What really defines “geekdom” for us and others?

In the end we came to one inescapable conclusion. Our hearts were not truly in this approach. While we all consider ourselves geeks and have a love for comics, movies, television, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and more we came to the inescapable conclusion that this was not our true passion. At our very core every single one of on this podcast have one true love and passion – Shelly Winters: The woman, the artist, the American.

And so as we bid a fond farewell to Amazing Comicast we also bid a rather premature farewell to United States of Geekdom while proudly announcing the launch of our new, far more personal endeavor…


A Celebration of Shelly Winters – The Woman, The Artist, The American

We cordially invite you to join us in May as we unveil our unique and fascinating retrospective look at the long and prosperous career of someone we universally consider the greatest actress of our age. The woman, the artist, the American, Shelly Winters. We acknowledge that this change of format is rather abrupt and may cost us a small portion of our listenership. But at once we recognize that those who call themselves geeks almost to a man share our love of Shelly Winters, woman, artist, American. From fans with a passing interest to dedicated mavens of her work we welcome you all to ShellyCast, our ongoing tribute to Shelly Winters. The woman, the artist, the American!

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