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Summer Movie Preview - May

Rick here with a breakdown with what is going to go on this summer with the USG.  As you know, we will be releasing our first episode in May.  I am pleased to say that we now have an idea of when in May that will be.  Look for the first episode to drop on or around the second or third week of that month.  We will be maintaining a bi weekly schedule for the time being but expect that possibly change once we get into the swing of things. 

That said, summer for me is my favorite time of year for geekdom because we are treated to movies that are considered to be event films.  Movies that you just don't get any other time of the year for whatever reason it may be.  There are 96 movies being released this summer.  I can honestly say right off the bat that you can expect us to NOT review each and every single one of these movies.  Because let's face it, I would not be caught dead in a theater that is showing Sex in the City 2, let alone any other movie that I have no desire to see.  However, I will say that I am going to break it down like this: 

At the end of each month for the summer, I will list the movies that I can guarantee that one of us, if not all of us will review on the site and on the podcast.  For example, in May, here are movies that you can expect to see a review for on here. 

Iron Man 2
Robin Hood
Shrek Forever After
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Keep in mind that there are some movies that we might also see that we might want to champion to you guys. Some hidden arthouse gem that is in limited release but is very much worth the trouble to track down and see or even something that has been out in theaters but no one is seeing it yet it's really loved by us on the site.  Either way, that's how things are going to break down for us this summer.  We are looking forward to putting out the podcast as well as making this site one of the best out there for all things geeky. 

Power to the Different!


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