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Nine Days of Nightmares Day 4 - A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, The Dream Master

Nine Days of Nightmares Day 4 - Nightmare on Elm Street 4, The Dream Master

Nightmare on Elm Street 4, The Dream Master
Directed: Renny Harlin
Written: William Kot
zwinkle (Story), Wes Craven (Characters)
Starring: Lisa Wilcox, Andras Jones, Danny Hassel, Rodney Eastman, Tuesday Knight, Ken Sagoes, Brooke Bundy, Nicholas Mele, Robert Englund

It can't be stated enough that I am not a huge fan of "slasher movies", aside from the first Halloween movie. When our fearless leader endeavored to review each of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, citing the impending release of the remake of the original as the reason for this, and not his Ross Perot level of insanity, I knew that I couldn't let me take this journey on his own. I have to say that I am not sorry that I have, I have found a new appreciation for these films, and the nostalgia that they are steeped in as we get older. There are a few points that I need to point out before I get to the movie itself. It is important to recognize that The Fat Boys did the song that runs over the end credits. If there was ever a reason to spend an hour and a half watching a movie, it's for THE FAT BOYS. I can not tell you last time I heard a Fat Boys song, or the last time I saw Disorderlies, but it is good to hear lyrics like this again.

Even if our dreams or Dream Warriors fail
And Mr. Big Time, Freddy Krueger prevails,
It was just prime time,
I know you'll never forget,
What he did to the girl with the t.v. set
But you cant stop Freddy cause he's cood as ice
Come right back at, ya to slash and slice

Like a jitsu blade or a blender he'll blitz ya
Fred Krueger's puttin' on ritz!

Ahh, it's makes me long for the simpler times, when a "jitsu blade" could "blitz" ya. There is also a cross dressing Robert Englund (he makes a sassy nurse!), in one of his few appearances without the make up in the film series.

The plot plays a better than the last of the series that I reviewed, and as always I will do my best to keep this review spoiler free. The kills are a lot more creative, the effects are better, and the story itself is much creepier. I don't think that it would suprise you to learn that Freddy returns from his "grave", he has a bad habit of not staying dead apparently. Upon resurrection he sets out on a mission of revenge that I can only describe as "Frank Castle-esque". I strongly urge you to watch Nightmare 3 before popping this one in the dvd player though, as you might be a little confused as to why he sets out on his path of destruction. Freddy narrows the playing field of old friends quickly, leaving only Alice. Alice, whom was given the gift of group dreaming by her friend Kristen before her untimely demise, is now being used as a conduit to a whole new class of unknowing "dream warriors".

It never ceases to amaze me, how many of these damn teenagers fall asleep during class. Seriously, like every day, they just pass out left and right. Yeah there were times in high school that I was tired, hell I might have even fallen asleep once or twice in 4 years. These kids are out like every day. Then there is the issue or real estate. We are four movies deep here in four years. I am sure that a wiser man than I could figure out how many kids and adults have been killed due to an undead dream demon serial killer pedophile, but it eventually has to raise an eye brow. Trust me on this one, White, Middle Class, Suburban, America will eventually put two and two together, mainly because they have nothing better to do than look at the window for when the neighbor kid comes home late, and then make notes on it, and have meetings about it, and drink milk. People would talk, and eventually, lets say, fill out the census, or run out of room to bury the bodies.

All in all, this is a movie worth watching if it falls in your lap. It's a good movie for the genre, and it holds up well over time. It's creative and well executed, and funny. It's not all that scary, and I remember it being more gory, but that's the 80's for ya. As i said, there are some totally surreal and creepy parts, some go as far as to be Kafkaesque. The climax is worth the wait, and the set up for the next one is nice.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention in closing that the director of this one, Renny Harlin, has quite the pedigree as an action director, with films like Deep Blue Sea, and Die Hard 2 under his belt. This makes for an interesting take on most of the slasher cliches. There is a lot more over the top action in Nightmare 4, which is, at least, interesting to watch.

6/10 Razor Gloves

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