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C2E2 News: Captain America to become Steve Rodgers: Super Solider

Comic Book Resources is reporting from C2E2 that Steve Rodgers wont be taking up the mantle of the Star Spangled Solider any time soon. Left to once Bucky / Winter Solider; James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve will take what appears as a more clandestine approach to crime (read terrorism) fighting; so says Ed Brubaker

"Now that he's back, and Bucky's running around as Cap, he's in various Avengers books here and there, and he's the star of 'Secret Avengers,' but really, it's a different role than when he's off on his own. It can bring him into this big, international, high explosive secret story that's going on. It fits in thematically with everything going on in 'Secret Avengers' and 'Cap,' but it's really following up on 'Reborn' to a large degree, too. It answers the question of 'Where's Steve's head at?"

Jump over to the full article at Comic Book Resources, and get all cloak and daggery!

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