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We Did Everything We Could, But There Was Nothing We Could Do...

The Mysteries of JediCole (Part 2)

So my fellow podcasters have taken up the challenge of posting thier "secret origins" and given a glimps into just how serioiusly we take things 'round here at Amazing Comic...thing...United States of Geekdom! Sometimes I don't know what show I am on any more!

So I began to realize that I had only begun to scratch the surface of begining to explore my beginings. And of course the opportunity to use a form of began at least four times in a sentence. A little challenge I gave myself. Every day you should always challenge yourself. I have a feeling this is not exactly the sort of thing my late sensei had in mind when he recommended this, but so be it.

Through the course of this particular podcast many of my personal passions will be revealed. At least the geeky ones. There are indeed so many.

I have watched the world of geekdom (as we define it here) grow by leaps and bounds over the years. And as the senior (in years that is) member of this podcast I have had plenty of time to watch! I love geekdom and the ever-connected fandom. So much so I once tried to promote myself as Fandom's Biggest Fan. Not that I was the biggest fan in fandom, but rather the biggest fan of the phenomenon OF fandom. Perhaps now is the time to bring back that campaign. What better vehicle than via the United States of Geekdom? Plus it will be another chance for Rick to fail to reign me in within the confines of this show!

So I will sign off for now having given very little in the way of further insight into myself. But that will be forthcoming! And before I go will announce my official (if self-described) titles in my capacity on this very podcast!

Vice President of Collectibles
Racontuer Imiratis

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