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Update The Third!

So we have a start date, we have a website, and we have some guest co-hosts who will be joining me for some recordings that I make in April when I take my trip to California for my brother's wedding.  These are in prep for some future episodes.  Topics include Transformers, Dukes of Hazzard and possibly Doctor Who.  That said, we are once again calling on the help of whoever is reading and wants to become involved in this little endeavor.  This is a fun one people, believe me.

As part of this new show, my co-host Andy and I are coming up with a 50 state initiative of geeky locations throughout the country.

If you know of a geeky locale in your state or a state you have been in, please do not keep it to yourself! The locale can be anything from a museum to a silent movie theater that is still functioning, a theme park, to even a place where a movie or TV show was filmed.

Please help us out in gathering this information as this is a daunting task for just two meager podcasters and we call on you, the geek community to help us out.

Also, we if you would like, we want to interview you on the show talking about this location. It will be just myself and Andy as this particular aspect of the podcast is very much our thing for the show. Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible!

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