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Update the 4th!

Rick here with a quick update for those interested.  We have recorded some maybe twenty minutes of the first episose uin which Andy and I interview some fellow geeks.  We got a really nice diverse group of geeks and I am quite pleased with what we accomplished.  Of course,  this will be included in episode of United States of Geekdom! 

Other news....
We had a great time at All-Con 2010 and we learned from our mistakes in the trivia challenges and next year we are going to bounce back hard and hit with a really killer trivia contest.  Also, we are working on getting a really neat project approved by those in charge and if it happens, this could potentially be a game changer for All-Con.  More information on that as it develops. 

We are on the way to recording two to three episodes of the podcast when I go to California.  Topics include Doctor Who,  Transformers, and Dukes of Hazzard.   My co hosts will be some friends from California who are eager to share their thoughts on these aspects of geekdom. 

As far as Amazing Comicast, we are cutting two of the final four episodes to be released in April.  The First of the four will be us finishing out the Star Wars trilogy of discussion.  The second will be our discussion about our disdain for the retcon of the X-Men spinoff books.  The third will feature us at All-Con, as well as an interview with Todd Kent from Comic Book Literacy.  We also will be joined by our friend of the show, the Mental Oriental as we discuss all things Crisis on Infinite Earths and Secret Wars.  The fourth and final episode will be us talking about What If and Elseworlds. 

And Finally, Steve Swanson from the Muppetcast has asked us to put this up.  March Madness Muppet Style! 
Give the link above a click and vote on your favorite muppets!  Only one can win as the favorite! 

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