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An introduction to the less-than-enigmatic JediCole

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I wasn't always a Jedi...

Born and raised in north Texas I lived the early part of my life in the tractless void that was the world before Star Wars. Then as I was going on 12 years of age my life would be changed!

It was the summer of 1977 and I saw Star Wars for the first time. Of course I could not have ever realized how much Star Wars would take over my life (or that of my parents for that matter) at the time. And so began my life as a Star Wars fan and collector. I cannot say that Star Wars gave me the collecting bug. No, that began, as with many boys, with dinosaurs. Before Star Wars there were dinosaurs. Actually that is pretty much true of everything I ever knew growing up. The dinosaurs were always there beforehand. A loooooooooooong time beforehand!

I cut my geek teeth on Ray Harryhausen and Godzilla movies. I was a casual fan of Star Trek thanks to a friend introducing me to the show before Star Wars arrived. Star Wars, Star Trek, dinosaurs, Godzilla, Batman (the 50's television show), and comic books were the early stuff of my geekdom. Around 1980 I attended my first comic book convention that was put on by a local bookstore. Here I found a world I never dreamed existed! A gathering of the kind of people I did not find at home or school. Truly it was a "One of us! One of us!" discovery!

Today I reside in north Texas (yes, I've not gone terribly far yet) and enjoy direct involvement in podcasting and (in various capcities) conventions. Like Rick my first forray into the world of podcasting was via VaderCast. The email I wrote to secure a position on that staff is the stuff of legend. All I really needed to do was say I was interested! Apart from that podcast's founder, Tim, I was the only charter member of the cast to remain through the entire run. After VaderCast ended and Amazing Comicast had been running some time I was asked to join Rick as his new co-host. And so I find myself on the verge of co-hosting my third podcast starting in May.

In other aspects of Geekdom I co-owned a retail comic/collectibles business with my wife called A Piece of the Action Collectibles through which we sold collectibles at conventions and even (for exactly two years) our weekend-only Mini Store. I founded a general-interest fan club called Fandom at Random DFW, held two Convention Awareness Days (helping raise awareness of the Texas convention scene), contributed articles published in the last two volumes of the Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook, have been a convention dealer at the Dallas Comic Con and Sci-Fi Expos for over a decade, created a mini-comic (Genre), and have been involved with All-Con in one capacity or another (dealer, volunteer, content provider, and friend of the show) from their first outing way back in 2005 straight through to the latest incarnation a few weeks ago. And along with Monsieur Jaques Flaufauve discovered the element unobtainium.

The last sentence is not valid.

More and more will be revealed about my less-than-mysterious, less-than-exciting, and to most other than myself and one or two other people in the world, less-than-interesting self will be revealed via the podcast and subsequent posts on this very page!

Thank you Rick for the opportunity to continue to make my tiny mark on the surface of online geekdom.

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