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Andrew's Super Secret Awesome Origin, Issue One

Well, the time has come for me to finally tell the origin story that most thought was lost to the ages, and how i learned to use my inherent abilities, such as using a normal sized font and size in posts to the pod-cast's site. 32 years ago, a ship was shot from a dying planet. That ship crash landed in a small midwestern town in Ohio. Upon crashing, my life was saved by an alien guardian, not long for this life, as he had as well crashed on this world. He was apparently not nearly as lucky as i was. He gave me his "magic ring", I gave it back. I mean, I hardly knew the dude...and he was pink, seriously like fusica. If you take nothing else away from this, watch red dawn; if you take one other thing away from this, make sure its that if a dying pink dude gives you jewerly, say no. From that point, i was raised by my rich affluent family, until one night, after an opera they were shot, for their money. I was then put into the Atlantian foster care system, and was taught to breathe under water by a total douche named A.C., he had pretty hair though. Finally, I fell in with, what turns out to be (in an amazing act of retconning) my birth parents. They gave me a love of the arts, and literature. They instilled in me the value of the Saturday Matinee Scifi movie, and the never ending string of awesome comic books, and fantasy and sci-fi literature. They forged in me a love for horror, superstition, aliens, and awesomely rad movies (see the prior mention of Red Dawn.)

Tune in for the next installment, in which we learn how our hero deals with an unending love of all things geek. Also, girls. Also, Dungeons and Dragons.......the girl thing was a lie. And Shelly Winters.

I am totally unapologetic about my grammar and spelling.....not one of my super powers

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