A podcast by geeks of all trades, for geeks of all trades. We will talk about comic books, movies, TV shows, and all things that make us geeks go tick. Power to the different!

Our All Star Cast

Rick G

Fearless Leader of the United States of Geekdom Rick Gutierrez was born in the United States but raised in China. When he reached adulthood, he came back to the U.S. and started his own form of Martial Arts called Jeet Kun Do.....No. Wait. That's Bruce Lee. Okay, here's what a correct bio for Rick looks like...Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Rick hails from a Mexican and Cuban background where Dad is a history nut, and Mom is a geek. Especially when it comes to all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror. Both influences however rubbed off on Rick in a weird amalgamation of geek that can only be described as awesome. Rick married his wife Molly in 2003 (by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas), and moved to Fort Worth in 2005, where they are living the Texas life and loving it. Rick is an avid video and tableetop gamer, and a geek of all trades, meaning that anything and everything even remotely geeky is something that he will inevitably be passionate for. Except Twilight. Mainly because real vampires don't sparkle. Rick's favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark and he runs a biweekly podcast called United States of Geekdom in addition to a monthly Disney podcast called Rediscovering the Magic.


Raconteur Emeritus and resident podcast dinosaur, his first geek-out was dinosaurs ("pachycephalosaurus" being a favorite word to run around the house yelling at the age of three) your JediCole cut his geek teeth on Ray Harryhausen, Samuel Z. Arkoff, and Godzilla movies. Then came 1977 and everything changed (in case you were wondering about the JediCole moniker). Areas of expertise include Star Wars (again, the moniker), movies, 70's Saturday morning television, comics, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Monty Python, action figures, collectibles, and the pangolin.

Andy F

Being inducted into the cult that is Geekdom at a very early age, Andy has had a chance to dabble in most things geek. His geek road runs though fiction, movies, television, technology, conventions, and all things geekrata; but he specializes in Comics, Really Bad Sci-fi and Horror movies, and total internet he gets bonus points for driving Rick crazy.


Joining VaderCast in its early days, Catherine has been a part of every podcast featuring JediCole and Rick for the past several years. A veteran of geekdom she is an avid Star Trek fan who married a Star Wars fan and would co-found A Piece of the Action Collectibles. She was also a co-founder of Fandom at Random DFW and has been an active force at All-Con from the outset. At All-Con she is best known for producing game shows like Geek Match Game as well as the ever popular Life Isn’t Fair Monopoly board game (which will be back in 2011).

Our Contributing Writers (Not the usual gang of idiots)

Molly G.

is married to our fearless leader, and in addition to putting up with him, working and being an awesome mom, she helps out with editing the podcast and maybe even the occasional article. Geeky areas of expertise include Nightmare Before Christmas, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, and music from the 1980s among many other topics.

Cynewulf Unraed

(pronounced KIN-eh-wulf UN-rad), who prefers to remain pseudonymous for the time being, is a graduate student, college teacher, waiter, and geek. His primary areas of geekdom include literature of all kinds, Star Wars, Star Trek, Joss Whedon, table-top gaming and comic book superheroes.

El Quixote

Darth Demens

Lance Sanchez.....Is the Queen of Mexico, and an alcoholic. Also the voice of a generation

Jedi Master Excalibur
Jedi Master Exclaibur has an obsession with Star wars, coupled with a unhealthy love for the Arthurian Legends. He seeks the Grail with Indiana Jones, fights Lex Luthor and the Joker with Superman and Batman and has attended Miskatonic University. He has many alter egos and alias' and they allow him entry to many levels of the Geekdom Kingdoms. 

Our Geek Chicks

is one of the Geek Chicks of the USG. Krystle is proof that even chicks can be geeks and that geekdom is not just for the guys. Her geeky joys and fascinations are with theater; comics; Harry Potter and most things fantasy; art; 80’s cartoons; SNES; Steampunk; Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and the macabre; figurines/action figures and literature.

Loran the Geek Chick was formed when the power of Awesome was slapped upside the head with a lightsaber and a proton phaser at the exact same moment. Areas that bring out her inner geeky fan girl are Star Wars, Star Trek, Tim Burton, Comics of all Kinds, and pink hair-legwarmer wearing music from the 80s.

Jade Skye
Completely random and hyper geek that does things on the spur of the moment. Was raised in a Star Wars and Nintendo house hold. Is a gaming, anime, cosplay, and yaoi geek. Generally cosplays guy characters so that she doesn't have to dress like a whore. Thinks that Andy needs to get his ass down to Texas and do something with this pile of babies he left her with.

Anime Geek Jacque ^.^

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